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This review applies to version 7.2. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

The new Gigaset phones let you exchange your contact data both quickly and easily. Plus, you can sync your address book data. Gigaset QuickSync for fast and easy synchronization of your PC address book with your Gigaset phone. Thanks to this convenient software, you can easily synchronize your addresses in Microsoft® Outlook®, (Windows® XP*), Windows® Contacts (Windows Vista or Windows 7®) with your Gigaset phone via Bluetooth®, a data transfer cable or Ethernet network connection.

What's new in version 7.2

* NEW (only for SL910): Automatic picture transfer from outlook contacts into handset addressbook
Caller pictures in Outlook contacts are automatically associated with the address book entry
For Contacts in Outlook 2007 and 2010 (32 bit Version);
up to 244 pictures synchronized
Full resolution with caller pictures from Outlook 2010, previous versions provide limited resolutions.
* Download of ringer melodies, screen savers and caller’s pictures
* Support all (not copyright protected) music formats on the PC - real sounds (e.g. MP3, AAC, …) with automatic conversion to phone's (G.722) format during download
* Ringtone Editor: User can comfortably select, which part of the melody will be sent to handset
* Picture Editor: User can comfortably select, which part of the picture will be sent to handset
* Handset's firmware update**
* Fast synchronization between your PC address book and Gigaset
* Supports the following programs: Vista Contacts, Windows 7 Contacts, Windows® Address book, Outlook® 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32 bit version)
* Quickly recognizes your Gigaset phones
* Support of Gigaset SL910H, SL78H, S79H, S800H, S810H and SL400H
o USB-Drivers (WHQL-certified) provided for USB-Interface
o Synchronization of up to 500 Addressbook Entries
o Automatic check for new Firmware-Versions (daily)
o Firmware-Update (only via USB-connection)
* Support of DL500A, DX600A ISDN, DX800A all in one:
o Synchronization of up to 1000 Addressbook Entries
o local network connection
* Discovery wizard for serial/Bluetooth and Ethernet connection
* Support of multiple phones with user friendly names
* Synchronization with Outlook-Folders possible
* CTI-Functionality (Telephony-Modus):
o Support of Windows Telephony Interface for e.g.
o dialing directly from Outlook contacts
o incoming calls are displayed on the PC
o CTI via Bluetooth for SL910H, SL78H, SL400H, S800H, S810H via USB for S79H, via Ethernet for DL500A, DX600A ISDN, DX800 all in one, DE700, DE900, DE310 and DE410.
* Support of DE700 and DE900:
o synchronization of additional contact`s phone numbers and fields like caller`s picuture or address
* Support of DE310 and DE410

Latest comments

  • 0
    Jan Op de Beeck 6 years ago

    I am able to make a bluetooth connection with my laptop to the handset of a brand new gigaset S685 IP, and there it ends, quicksync is unable to find my handset, nor can I transfer data from outlook 2007 to it, I am using windows XP. I couldn't find in the manual how to solve the problem........

  • 0
    pascal 6 years ago

    this is the first time i use Gigaset quicksync... and i'was hoping that it will work properly with outlook 2007 and my new SL56... but it's not the case...